Lab UK & Europe, 2023

The Writers Lab UK & Europe 2023

During the 3-day lab intensive in September, Writers from Austria, Greece, Northern Ireland, Italy, Germany, Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland engaged in rigorous script development through one-on-one meetings, small group discussions, workshops and more to develop their scripts and their craft, and to build tools and strategies to achieve industry success.

In the subsequent 2-month Development Phase and the 3-month Market Strategy Phase, we guide writers through the revision process and offer market support with a team of partners, acclaimed screen industry leaders, and our development team.

The Participants

The encouragement and guidance to do our best work is incomparable and the people I’m sharing this experience with are incredible writers who inspire me to push myself further.

Lydia Mulvey
TWL UK&I 2021

The 2023 UK & Europe Partners

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SIX TWL projects are now in production contracts or pre-production 

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