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The inaugural Writers Lab took place in upstate New York from Friday, September 18th, through Sunday, September 20th.

New York

We kicked off our inaugural Lab with a magical rooftop cocktail party hosted by TWL collaborator The Writers Guild of America, East in New York City. The next morning, 8 mentors and 12 writers (below) traveled together to Wiawaka (far right), the oldest continually operating retreat for women in America, founded by Mary Fuller on the southeastern edge of Lake George.

Over the course of three cool, late-summer days on Lake George, Lab participants met in various configurations: one-on-one; in panel discussions; in small groups; over cocktails; and throughout meals. Discussion topics ranged from crafting strong openings for films to tips for pitching to producers. The writers quickly connected, and the attachments have continued beyond the retreat itself.

Our accomplished mentors shared knowledge and camaraderie generously, offering candid and insightful wisdom and experience about the commerce of screenwriting and the business of the film industry, as well as honest writing and skillful storytelling. In the private, serene environment of Wiawaka, every person was put at ease to focus, listen, learn, and contribute.

The 2015 writers

The lab has continued to open doors for me that otherwise would have stayed closed.

Lyralen Kaye
TWL US 2015

The 2015 mentors

Industry Insights

The Boxed In Report found that shows with at least one woman creator featured more female characters in speaking and major roles, and employed higher percentages of women as directors, writers, and editors.

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