Lab US-2017


Our third annual Writers Lab retreat took place in the Connecticut River Valley, from Thursday, September 14th, through Sunday, September 17th.

Connecticut River Valley

We returned to Guest House in Connecticut for our third Lab, again with 12 feature writers and 8 script mentors from across the US, as well as Special Mentors to run workshops and the TWL Team.

Each of the four days of the lab was richly programmed. Our deep-dive mentor-writer one-on-ones anchored the programming, as always, along with film clips and bonding over meals and evening cocktails. This year, we also added scene readings, pitching workshops and small group feedback sessions.

Our last day was career focused, and we discussed industry trends, next steps for each writer, and how the participants could be proactive in increasing their impact, as artists and businesswomen. The writers traveled back to NYC together, with clear goals for redrafting,  creating companion materials for their scripts, and continuing to build their networks.

The 2017 writers

The lab has continued to open doors for me that otherwise would have stayed closed.

Lyralen Kaye
TWL US 2015

The 2017 mentors

Industry Insights

Women accounted for only 12% of writers working on the top 100 films of 2020–a decline of 8% from 2019.

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