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Our fourth annual Writers Lab retreat took place at the Wiawaka Center for Women in Lake George, NY, from Wednesday, September 26th, through Saturday, September 29th.

Waiawaka Center

In our fourth year, we returned to our first retreat location on Lake George, this time with writers from Canada, the UK, and Egypt joining those from across the US. After an orientation breakfast at the Writers Guild of America, East, the group quickly connected in transit, generating animated conversation that continued over the four days of the retreat. 

Despite an unusual late-September chill, we gathered together outdoors as well as indoors, in pairs and small groups around the sprawling property, on porches, at picnic tables, and on walks, and around a closing night bonfire.

Our mentors and special guests brought together TWL veterans and new additions, including writers, directors and producers. Deep script development work was balanced with sessions that addressed the creative process, companion pitching materials, and social impact art. Mentors and guests shared knowledge freely, offering insights about the commerce of screenwriting, personal anecdotes, and plenty of humor.

The 2018 writers

The encouragement and guidance to do our best work is incomparable and the people I’m sharing this experience with are incredible writers who inspire me to push myself further.

Lydia Mulvey
TWL UK&I 2021

The 2018 mentors

Industry Insights

On films with at least one female director, women comprised 53% of writers. On films with exclusively male directors, women accounted for 8% of writers.

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