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Our fifth annual Writers Lab retreat took place in Chester, CT, from Wednesday, October 2nd, through Saturday, October 6th.

Chester, CT

Our fifth lab took us back to Guest House in Connecticut, after a launch breakfast at The Writers Guild in NYC. Writers came from across the US as well as Canada and Europe this time, bringing a wide range of genres, including comedy, horror, sci fi, coming of age and drama features.

This cohort quickly bonded by sharing a range of thoughtful insights and common experiences from rich and accomplished lives as writers and women. In meetings, over meals, decompressing late at night and laughing around the now-requisite bonfire, mentors contributed unstintingly to the community building with candor, humor and warmth. 

This year we welcomed Shruti Ganguly, Lisa Jones, and Robin Swicord, all of whom have become stalwart members of the TWL family. Joey Tuccio, head of partner org Roadmap Writers, also joined us this year as a special guest. 

On the final day, galvanized – if exhausted – we were sad to separate, but happy to rest; glad to process and eager to take the next big steps. For writer Alyson Richards, that meant heading into production on her TWL horror script, aptly titled The Retreat.

The 2019 writers

The Writers Lab was an amazing experience. I learned so much, both about writing and about the industry.

Meg Waite-Clayton
TWL US 2019

The 2019 mentors

Industry Insights

The majority of films released in 2020–67%–employed fewer than 5 women in key behind-the-scenes roles of director, writer, producer/exec. producer, editor, or cinematographer.

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