Lab US-2021


Our seventh annual Writers Lab program was October 14-17 and was again fully virtual.


A year and a half into the pandemic, we took expansion and inclusion to a whole new level for our seventh lab. We increased our participant cohort to 16 projects, and added half-hour and 1-hour pilots alongside features. 

The diverse array of genres, formats, writer profiles, and mentor skills, as well as creative voices and lived experiences, made for a rich community. The writers committed to hours of deep craft and business exploration, but also shared humor and personal connection.

The Lab intensive featured over 30 mentors, speakers and guests this year, including our loyal veteran mentors plus new additions – Priya Armitraj, Suzanne Farwell, Anne Hubbell, and Amber Sealey. The energy and generosity was incredible, ensuring that the shared experience transcended screens, and that learnings will continue to resonate over the long term.

Writers left committed to delivering revised scripts in subsequent months, and staying in touch with one another.

The 2021 writers

TWL has been overwhelmingly positive and has contributed enormously to my growth as a writer.”

Irina Rodriguez
TWL US 2021

The 2021 mentors

Industry Insights

Women accounted for 33% of writers working on broadcast network programs in the 2020-21 season (a 3% decline from the previous season) and 35% on streaming programs–a 6% decline.

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