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Frequently Asked Questions – UK & Europe

The Application

How do I apply?

What are the submission period and fees?

What information willI need for the application?

I’ve submitted The Writers Lab US. Do I have to submit separately to be considered for The Writers Lab UK & Europe?

Do I need I to register or copyright my script before applying?

How many scripts can I apply with?

Can writing partners apply?

What if I can’t pay by credit card?

What if I can’t afford the application fee?

Is it possible to submit an updated draft after I’ve applied?

What if I can’t submit online? Can I deliver my application in person?

Why do you charge an application fee?

Are there additional fees associated with attending the Lab Retreat?

Should I have industry contacts call or e-mail with references?

How will I be notified about acceptance?

I haven’t received notification about my acceptance, but I know others who have? Why is that?


Am I eligible to apply?

Why does the application ask for my birthdate?

I am a UK citizen living abroad. Am I eligable to apply?

Do I need to provide proof of birthdate or residence with my application?

Are scripts written in languages other than English eligible for submission?

I don’t have much experience. Does this affect my chances for acceptance?

The Lab

What are The Writers Lab UK & Europe dates?

Does The Writers Lab provide transportation to the Lab?

What kind of production support does the Lab offer?

If my script is good enough to be accepted why do I need to develop it further?

What is the time commitment for TWL UK & Europe?

The Script

Is there a correct length for a script?

Are there any requirements regarding the software I use to write?

What file formats can i use to submit my script?

Will you consider scripts not written in English?

Can I reapply with a script previously submitted to TWL?

Can i submit a script based on a book or an adaptation?

Can I submit a treatment if i don’t think I’ll have a completed draft by the deadline?

What does The Writers Lab consider “complete”?

Will my ideas be protected?

Do you accept scripts that have been submitted elsewhere?

Top Reason Your Script Was Not Selected

Typos, spelling and/or formatting errors

Poor or confusing world building

Poor or confusing story set-up

Weak protagonist arc (Often because the stakes are low)

Script is overwritten

Excessive and/or ineffective dialogue

Ineffecitve descrption

Concept is overdone or lacks relevance.

Uncinematic storytelling

Poor or clichéd gender representation

Data Use and Privacy Policy

What is The Writers Lab’s UK data use and privacy policy?

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