Lisa Callamaro

Lisa CallamaroLiterary Agent

Lisa Callamaro created Story & Voice after a 30-year career as a boutique agent representing writers, directors and selling the film rights for books, a nod to her start in publishing. During those years at The Lisa Callamaro Literary Agency, she proudly launched screenwriters with very strong voices, including Ryan Murphy, Eric Warren Singer, Philip Eisner and Glenn Gers among others. She has sold or her clients have been involved with hundreds of projects in tv, film, and new media all over the world which include Legally Blonde, Beaches, Event Horizon, Mutant Chronicles, The International, Fractured and The Man Without a Face, as well as multiple TV series in Canada. In 2019 her mother asked her why the caterer got credit and Lisa didn’t on a film she had worked to get produced for 15 years. It gave Lisa pause and she realized it was time to participate in the stories after the sale. She named her new company after her favorite things: Story & Voice. Under the new banner, Lisa is developing televisions shows and features. She also consults with production companies and screenwriters in both business and creative endeavors. Currently, Lisa is consulting for an NGO as they build a social impact entertainment content studio focusing on environmental and women’s issues. Lisa does one-on-one work with creatives who are looking to go deep and explore their personal voices. She also shares that work in a class called Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, which is a cornerstone of a program she co-founded at California State University, Dominguez Hills called Hollywood by the Horns. She also leads a storytelling seminar at Tufts Medical School to explore the intersection of story and medicine. Lisa is a graduate of the Harvard Publishing Program, she serves on the Board of Directors for CineStory Foundation and has been a victim advocate on the Sexual Assault Response Team, specializing in children, for 12 years. She has presented at TEDx on how to use story to call people to action. She got all sciencey…. Her passion is helping people learn how to tell and make meaning of the stories they want to tell in any form. Lisa tells her own stories as a photographer. Currently, she’s obsessed with cyanotypes.

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